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Top 16 Ways to Style Mom Jeans This Season

By rebecca - January 09, 2018

This jean trend has come back with a vengeance in recent years. And it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

When trying to figure out what counts as “mom jeans”, it’s probably best to avoid looking it up on Urban Dictionary. References to women over 40, SNL skits, and something called “front butt” may or may not be made…

Instead try to focus on the high-waist and cinched look. All jiggly bits should be kept in check!

It’s worth paying close attention to how you style your denim. You’ll want to keep the look updated, fresh and sexy! After all, jeans are the absolute comfiest!

Here are some of the best ways we’ve found to style mom jeans:

Canadian Tuxedo


Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears might have best publicized this look back in 2001, but the jeans-on-jeans look is said to have started when singer Bing Crosby was denied entrance to an upscale Canadian hotel for wearing jeans with a denim jacket. Legend has it that, in support, Levi’s made Crosby his own denim tuxedo, just to be cheeky!

Update the Look


So wear your own Canadian tux by pairing mom jeans with a different tone of denim on top. Think dark bottoms and a faded out top or light blue distressed bottoms with a super saturated denim button-down.

90's Influenced


For retro women, wearing 90’s inspired clothing this Fall should be right up your alley. First, put on a loose fitting T-Shirt. Second, pull on your choice of high-rise jeans. Third, don’t forget your lace up boots and a choker! This combination creates a vintage look that is influenced by 90’s grunge – but is so on-point for 2017! Let’s party like it’s 1999!

French Inspired


If you like keeping it simple, take your fashion cues from the French. Instead of overthinking and over-styling your clothing choice, take the effortless route: wear some flats or trendy booties and a striped top with your jeans and call it a day. Great fashion doesn’t have to be complex. Simple can be stunning!

White is Right


Not into dark colors or want to try something different? Mix up your fashion choices by rocking white jeans – even after Labor Day! A black and white button down blouse would pair well with these jeans, along with black, white or metallic footwear. This style will give you a sleek and sexy look.

Date Night Wear


Don’t think mom jeans and date night go together? Think again. Pair with strappy heels and a sexy blouse. Top with a blazer or trendy trench and you’re ready to go! This outfit is sure to complement your romantic outings.

Cut and Cuffed


This Fall, spice up your mom jeans by cuffing them and pairing with some cut-out booties or retro high tops. Keep the focus on your denim and details, so stick with a simple blouse up top.

Epitome of Class


If you’re trying to bring a classy look to mom jeans this Fall, this choice is right for you. Pair your denim with timeless pumps and a high neck top to look polished. Finish with your hair in a cute updo. This classic fashion choice proves that mom jeans can be elegant.

Complementary Kimono or Duster


As the temp continues to dip, pair a long flowing kimono or duster with some high rise jeans to turn heads. The kimono adds a delicate element that complements a cinched waist, while a chunky long sweater yields a warm feel that can take you from airport to office. Overall, these looks simultaneously give off a classy, curated and comfortable vibe.

Black on Black


If you want to go for a New York-inspired look this Fall, wear black mom jeans with an all black outfit. A black shirt, black jeans, black sneakers or pumps, and a daring lipstick is a great way to integrate dark colors into your Fall wardrobe for a streamlined look.

Feminine Fashion


Want to incorporate an ultra-feminine vibe into your fashion choices this Fall? Pair a floral shirt and mom jeans to create a delicate look this season. You can even throw on a skinny belt for extra feminine flare.

Find Your Uniform


Searching for the perfect Plain Jane look this season to help simplify your life? First, choose a solid colored t-shirt or sweater (think classic white, black or heather gray). Second, slip into a pair of dark-washed mom jeans. Finally, choose sneaks or pumps to match your top and this could become your perfect go-to closet staple in any time crunch.

Comfy and Classic


Do you want to strike the right balance of comfy and classic this fall? Wear your favorite pair of mom jeans with socks and sandals. In this outfit, you might be too comfy to leave the house!

Professional Fashion


Are you wondering how you can incorporate mom jeans into a professional environment? Look no further. The combination of an eye-catching button down blouse, straightened sleek blowout and the perfect fit brings a professional look to mom jeans. This outfit, like Jessica Biel’s, will ensure you don’t look out of place on busy days full of business meetings.

Plaid and Flare


Are you into old school fashion? If so, this choice is for you. Punch up your wardrobe this Fall by wearing a plaid shirt or sweater. Match that with a pair of flared throwback mom jeans. The result is a look that emulates 70s fashion, but will look great in any decade!

Make a Statement


Pair a graphic t-shirt, tucked in, with a solid pair of mom jeans to make a bold statement. Trending now are sayings and slogans about the power of women, the need for change, and the choice to love.

Bold and Beautiful


Up for a bold look this season? If so, this fashion choice fits you perfectly. Wear loafers or chucks, a crop top, and mom jeans. This combination will ensure you look bold, beautiful and super confident.