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Top 5 Baby Swings on the Market Right Now

By Rebecca - January 09, 2019

Would it have been too much if I’d entitled this piece “Swingin’ into the New Year”? #momjoke Over the holidays, we spent time with two of our favorite families and their new babies. While we certainly don’t miss the night feedings, sore boobs, and occasional diaper blowouts, we definitely miss that newborn scent and precious cuddles!

One of the babies was cuddled up in a baby swing one evening and looked so peaceful swaying back and forth. We were instantly reminded of our firstborn son who was colicky and could only sleep while being rocked. Those first 6 welcome weeks into parenting for us were physically and emotionally excruciating. With that in mind, we wanted to round up the top 5 baby swings on the market right now, just in case you’re sleep deprived, have a colicky baby, or just want some hands-free time. Happy shopping, mamas!


Fisher-Price Dreams Cradle 'n Swing


The Fisher-Price Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing is a baby swing offered in 4 sweet themes: puppies, bunnies, rainforest, or bears. This top-rated product can swing both side-to-side and front-to-back. The rotating mobile on this swing pairs well with more than 15 musical choices and nature sounds to keep your baby entertained at any age. (High fives for taking a shower, mamas!) The swing can move at 6 different speeds, depending on baby size and their individual preferences. These choices are ideal for mamas dealing with fussy infants due to digestive or sensory issues. Speaking of digestive issues, some babies spit up no matter what (unwashed hair, don’t care!) so this baby swing has a body insert and head support that are fully machine washable. With the choice of 2 reclining positions, the Cradle ‘n Swing is perfect for both sleeping babes and alert tots.

As an Amazon’s Choice baby swing, the Fisher-Price Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing is clearly a parent favorite, landing in the \$120-\$160 range.

We love that this baby swing only takes about 30 minutes to put together, unlike every single piece of IKEA furniture we’ve ever encountered. Sleep-deprived parents don’t need to become overnight engineers, people.

Graco DuetSoothe Swing & Rocker


The Graco DuetSoothe Swing & Rocker is a popular choice for baby swings, as the actual seat section can be removed from the swing. Parents can then set babies up in the rocker on the ground. This option is appealing for those babies who wish to be closer to their mamas and let it be known! With a 5-point harness, 3 seating positions, and 2 speed alternatives, the Graco DuetSoothe Swing & Rocker offers both safety and a variety of choices. Much like the Fisher-Price Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing, this baby swing moves side-to-side or front-to-back with the added option of vibration. Upon reading parents’ reviews, the Graco DuetSoothe Swing & Rocker has a louder motor than the Fisher-Price Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing, for any babies or parents who are sensitive to noise.

The Graco DuetSoothe Swing & Rocker falls in the \$130-\$170 range and is ideal for babies up to 30 pounds.

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing


The Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom portable baby swing is our choice for portability and small spaces (city parents unite!). This super cute option easily folds up for storage or outings. It stands low to the ground, is super quiet, and can look discreet in a home office or living room nook. With just 2 cute plush toys hanging from the pivoting overhead toy bar, babies will not be easily overstimulated.

We love that this baby swing has a timer (for when our mama brain forgets to switch it off), 6 song choices with easy volume control, and automatic shut-off. The fabric is easy to wipe down and machine washable for bigger messes. Nobody’s got time for handwashing baby products!

The Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom portable baby swing offers 6 swing speeds, 2 reclining positions, and is an interesting, affordable choice in the \$40-\$70 range for babies up to 19 pounds.

KidCo Swingpod Infant Portable Swaddle


We didn’t know about the KidCo Swingpod Infant Portable Swaddle when our first son was colicky, but this would have surely done the trick and saved us from years of back pain…

As an Amazon’s Choice baby product, this is more of a swaddle and the parent does the swinging. It’s easily portable for the outdoors, overnight trips to the in-laws, and walking sleeplessly around your house at midnight. We started traveling with the boys as early as possible, and seeing as the KidCo Swingpod Infant Portable Swaddle can double as a diaper-changing station, this would have been our choice for trips! (yes, we were the parents changing diapers on the steps of the Duomo…)

The swaddle strap is strong enough to keep your baby feeling safe, tight, and secure. KidCo claims this baby swing is great for colicky babies, and as we spent hours relentlessly rocking our own colicky firstborn through tears and muscle aches, we tend to agree this swing might’ve done the trick! Parents review the KidCo Swingpod Infant Portable Swaddle as ideal for babies who don’t usually soothe easily with traditional swings or car rides. We love the gender-neutral color and \$30 price point!

4moms MamaRoo4 Infant Seat


Finally, one of our mama friends has this option and it is by far our choice for best-looking baby swing! The 4moms MamaRoo4 Infant Seat is also an Amazon’s Choice product backed by tons of positive parent reviews. The swing mimics a human’s natural soothing motions, familiar swaying that babies experienced even in utero each time their mother walked. The 5 motion options include car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and a wave. (This tired mama will take the tree swing, please and thank you!)

Because of its shape and height, this baby swing tends to be the easiest option for parents getting babies in and out – a vital option for sensitive babies who don’t comfortably transition well from one place to another (…as well as old, tired parents with back pain). Although the most expensive baby swing listed in our top choices (at around the \$200 mark), with a 3-point harness, adjustable seat recline, and fitting babies up to 25 pounds, there’s no wonder this is a popular baby shower gift request. Bonus? The 4moms MamaRoo4 Infant Seat can hook up to your own phone via MP3 plug-in to play your own tunes. (Coldplay was on repeat in our house for well over a year…)

We love the simple nylon material and, with no batteries required, this baby swing might be the most eco-conscious choice!