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Round-Up: Cutest DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

By Rebecca - October 11, 2018
Credits: source: princess pinky girl

HAPPY OCTOBER, mamas! Almost halfway over already and we’re only just now getting around to decorating for Halloween – eek! One of our favorite holidays is creeping up in just a few short weeks and, if your homes are anything like ours right now, your kids are brainstorming costumes like crazy and changing ideas every. single. day. Don’t have the perfect costume prepped for your little guys yet? No need to panic. Mamas help mamas!

We’ve rounded up 15 of the absolute cutest costume ideas that you can do yourself – most of them by crafty(er than us) mamas! Happy Halloween!

Diving In

Credits: credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

Ready to take the plunge into DIY? (badabing!) How about starting with these fun and easy scuba suits? Get your kids into deep waters with just a few quick supplies. Delineate Your Dwelling shows us how! You’ll need a couple of 2 liter soda pop bottles for the “oxygen tanks”, spray painted whichever color your kids choose. These can be fastened with rope. Pick up some goggles and a snorkel from the dollar store, and the belt can be made with electrical tape and foam hair curlers. Next, find some all-black clothing for the kids’ “wetsuits”, and there you have it! A cute, creative costume for your little ones that you can be proud to show off!

Cupcake Kid


How cute is this?! She actually looks like a scrumptious little cupcake. For all you parents who want your kid’s costume to be original but don’t feel crafty enough, this one’s for you! All you’ll need is:

  • 1 white towel
  • some pompoms
  • an old lampshade

Hot glue will work best for the pompoms, but you could probably use school glue if it’s just for one night. Secure the towel in the back with clips or safety pins, and voilà! The easiest DIY costume that won’t look like you just threw it together in 5 minutes.

Small Fry

Credits: credit: The Project Girl

What kid doesn’t like french fries? Yeah, that’s what I thought. For anyone with a french fry-lovin’ kid, this can be an easy, unique costume for Halloween. This project will make your kid so happy, and should only take an afternoon.

You’ll need:

  • cardboard boxes
  • green foam
  • yellow felt
  • red paint or construction paper

This costume can be easily removed, won’t need adjustments, and can be reused year after year! Here’s the step-by-step instructions by The Project Girl on how to make this awesome costume. Extra points if you can make burger and milkshake costumes for the siblings!!


Credits: credit: Country Living

Legos have been around for decades and still remain a hugely popular toy among kids of all ages! This Lego costume is perfect for a quick DIY costume: Start with an appropriate sized box (square or rectangular can work). Cut out arm and neck holes. Find 4-8 round boxes, and some red, blue, or yellow glossy paint! The costume frame can be rounded nicely with duct tape, and those round boxes for the pegs can be replaced by cans, cups, or even jar lids! For a costume that is created by a bunch of stuff you probably have lying around the house, it’s pretty original!

See more at Country Living.

Jelly Belly thesitsgirls

Credits: credit: the SITS girls

Considering Halloween is all about the candy, this look couldn’t be more appropriate! This Jelly Belly costume can be pulled together in just a few minutes, and can work well for boys or girls of all ages. Grab some pants or leggings of a solid color and pair it with a matching sweater (for those chilly Halloween nights). Then fill up a clear plastic bag with multi-colored balloons. Finally, print out the Jelly Belly logo and stick it to the bag with double-sided tape. This costume is soooo sweet!


Credits: credit: Make It Love It

‘TIMBER!’ My boys would LOVE this costume! It’s comfortable, easy to make, and everyone will get a kick out of it! What you’ll need:

  • beard-colored fleece fabric
  • elastic
  • beanie
  • glue gun
  • broomstick
  • cardboard
  • silver paint
  • suspenders

In colder climates, this can be a great way to keep your kid’s face warm while trick-or-treating. The beard is the hardest part, but can be made as a sew or no-sew option. All in all, this can be an easy afternoon project that your kids will love!

See more at Make It Love It.


Credits: credit: Me Sew Crazy

This might be more of a challenge for some of us more novice DIY individuals. It involves sewing – yikes! But you might be able to get away with using fabric glue! You’ll need some organza fabric in a few colors, and some jersey fabric for the bikini top. For those who want to get the real “Ariel” experience, picking up a red wig would complete the whole outfit.

Check out the tutorial at Me Sew Crazy.

E.T.'s Elliot

Credits: pinterest

Such a CUTE costume! It’s got to be one of the easiest ones to pull off, especially last minute. If you can grab yourself a plush E.T. toy, a red hoodie, and some classic 80’s jeans, your kids are guaranteed to score big with candy-givers who grew up in the 80s! It gives kids a reason to use their bike to get around. The quicker they can move, the more candy they’ll get! Use the last few days before Halloween to screen this classic movie with your kids over a big bowl of popcorn.


Credits: pixabay

What kid doesn’t want to be a superhero? (…we know mamas are the real superheroes though…) Creating a superhero costume can be a daunting task. With capes and other special props, costs can add up quickly! This Clark Kent costume lets your kid be Superman without having to buy a Superman costume that you’ll never use again! These shirts with the Superman logo are available all over the place at a minimal cost, and hopefully you already have a suit and tie for your kids. Plastic glasses frames can be purchased at a dollar store. Just pop out the lenses and you’re done!

Crazy Cat Lady

Credits: credit: Sarah Jane Faughn

What a cheeky costume! How cute is this Crazy Cat Lady costume? It’s witty and super easy to do! Most little girls already have a robe and a few cat stuffies. If you need more, head to a secondhand store or ask friends to borrow their fuzzy feline toys for the occasion. Just safety pin them on the robe and snag some cute slippers. The hair rollers are a nice touch and usually Mom or Grandma already own a few. It looks like her glasses have beads glued on to the frames, adding an extra bit of ‘crazy’ to this costume. Super easy and adorable, this costume is sure to be a neighborhood favorite!


Credits: credit: potterybarn

Who says a ghost costume has to be scary? This little cutie shows us that ghosts can be adorable too! A little white tutu goes a long way with this outfit. The black eyes and mouth can be made with pieces of felt that are glues or pinned on. Lastly, a little white bow in her hair and you’re done. I don’t think she’ll be scaring anyone with this outfit but she sure will get lots of smiles!

Little Old Ladies

Credits: credit: Princess Pinky Girl

We just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! There’s something about babies. Maybe it’s that they don’t have teeth or hair, but they already kind of look like little old people! Glamming your little tots up with cardigans and little dresses is easy enough. A little more effort will go into the wigs. You’ll need a small knit hat, some hot glue, and white or brown pompoms. As for the glasses, some oversized kid frames with the lenses popped out will work. Glue a cheap beaded necklace from the dollar store onto each side of the glasses to look like an eyewear retainer. Absolutely adorable!


Credits: pinterest / credit: candyspelling

These are all the rage right now. Everyone wants Emoji pillows, Emoji keychains, Emoji t-shirts! What better excuse to get crafting alongside your tween than to make these awesome Emoji Halloween costumes? All you’ll need is a few large cardboard boxes, some fabric and glue, or paint! They are super versatile and customizable. You can make them double-sided with two different Emojis, or single-sided with just a strap to wrap around the neck. Pair it with black pants or leggings and… heart eyes!


Credits: credit: tikkido

There are tons of Peter Pan costumes out there, but one thing you cannot buy is a Peter Pan’s Shadow costume! This super cool getup includes getting your kid a black morphsuit, but trust us, they’ll want to use it many more times. Apparently you can’t get your kids out of these things! An alternative to the morphsuit is black leggings, black long sleeve top, black gloves, and black face paint. Lastly, pick up some black felt from a fabric store and follow a simple pattern for the tunic and hat. Find the easy tutorial here from Tikkido.


Credits: credit: asubtlerevelry

Such an adorable little costume for any kid who loves rainbows! We dare you to look at this costume without breaking into a huge smile. It’s fun, cute and such a nice way to keep Halloween more whimsical and kid-friendly. The felt rainbow can be made by cutting two large half circles of red felt (purchased from a fabric store). Attach the felt straps with glue. Continue cutting half circles in descending sizes and glue them to the others. Cut out a few cloud shapes and glue those to the bottom of the rainbow. Finally, add some bright yellow or blue tights and pair the sweet rainbow with a yellow felt sunbeam headband for the ‘sunshine’.