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      10 Best Tips for Moving with Your Anxious Child

      Moving season has crept up on us all and it can be a stressful time of year. Along with planning the end of the school year and managing the day-to-day demands of parenting, a move can quickly feel overwhelming! Kids feel just as overwhelmed with moves and anxious children feel even more uneasy. Here are […] More

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      Labor of Love : An Empowering Birth According to Plan

      mamabare.co loves showcasing our most popular segment in this community – where women can share their own stories of pregnancy, loss, labor and motherhood. In Labor of Love, we are reminded that our stories are so unique in their own ways, yet entirely universal.   More

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      Bedtime Tweaks for Better Sleep

      Most parents know the pain of sleep deprivation. (If your child started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks and continued for the next 4 years, you can stop reading.) Sleep Tweaks For the rest of us, even if your little one is traditionally a good sleeper, most kids hit rough patches where bedtime is […] More

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      Top 16 Ways to Style Mom Jeans This Season

      This jean trend has come back with a vengeance in recent years. And it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. When trying to figure out what counts as “mom jeans”, it’s probably best to avoid looking it up on Urban Dictionary. References to women over 40, SNL skits, and something called “front […] More

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      Best Sign Language Symbols for Babies

      Sign language can be taught and used with babies of all ages. Usually introduced as early as possible with only a select few symbols, baby signing can help strengthen the child-caregiver bond and decrease a child’s distress. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is run under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This […] More

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      Labor of Love : Navigating Change with Courage and Grace

      mamabare.co is starting a new segment in this community where women can share their own stories of pregnancy, loss, labor and motherhood. In Labor of Love, we are reminded that our stories are each so unique in their own ways, yet entirely universal. We are lucky to have a daring and brave mama up first: Melanie recently relocated from Montreal to […] More

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      When Bath Time Becomes a Battle

      Bath time has been a fun and relaxing way to end (or start) the day, until suddenly it’s not. The screaming banshee being dragged to the tub or the wailing toddler trying to crawl up the sides lets you know something’s changed. These bath time fears are very common. In fact, they often emerge, along with other fears, around […] More

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      What to do About Your Mom Pooch : Diastasis Recti

      If you’re pregnant or recently postpartum, you’ve probably heard the buzzword “pelvic health” or know where to find your Kegel muscles. But many women aren’t as familiar with diastasis recti. A medical condition that affects more than half of all women in the first year after having baby, it seems like something we should be talking […] More

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      Escape from Techville : a chat with the hardworking mama & author behind the book

      mamabare is excited to introduce our creative and talented friend, Michelle Vanderwier! Living in Montreal with her husband and two boys, ages 8 and 12, this busy mama is a videographer/photographer/illustrator/artist and now an author! mamabare talks with Michelle about her 1st book, Escape from Techville – a great read for kids about technology, the beauty of nature, and […] More

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