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Ohhh the Llama Drama! Children’s book favorite on Netflix

By rachel - January 22, 2018

Mamas, get excited! Llama Llama is coming to Netflix this week – on January 26th! Presented in 15 half-hour episodes that will cover Llama Llama’s adventures and everyday routine with his friends and, of course, his Mama, Netflix has gathered a powerhouse line-up of directors, creators and producers to deliver this children’s book favorite-turned-series:

A Powerhouse Lineup

Credits: youtube
  • Andy Heyward (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)
  • Jane Startz (The Magic School Bus)
  • Joe Purdy (Hey Arnold!)
  • Rob Minkoff (The Lion King)
  • Ruben Aquino (Frozen)
  • Saul Blinkoff (Doc McStuffins)

Jennifer Garner

Credits: usweekly

And Mama Llama will be voiced by none other than Jennifer Garner! She is a busy mom of three, advocate for Save The Children, and co-creator of baby food line Once Upon a Farm. Additionally, Garner stars in family-friendly fare such as Mr. Magoo and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and practices her voice-over skills in the popular Instagram videos #BookswithBirdie, We can’t think of a more perfect fit for Llama’s Mama.

Millions of Copies, Millions of Views


The Llama Llama book series by Anna Dewdney exploded onto the children’s book scene in 2005. Since then, all the books in the series have gone on to be NY Times bestsellers and there are now over 10 million books in print! Rapper and actor Ludacris performing her original book has passed 3 million views on YouTube.

Mama's Always Near


Sparked as an idea while making animal noises to entertain her kids on long drives, Llama Llama books have now entertained a generation of little ones who hear about bedtime routines, first day jitters and holiday celebrations, all with Mama reassuringly close.

A Good Children's Book


“A good children’s book can be read by an adult to a child, and experienced genuinely by both […] I don’t feel my world really exists until an adult has read it to a child.”

– Anna Dewdney in the New York Times

An Author's Legacy

Credits: cbsboston

Ms. Dewdney passed away in 2016 at age 50 of aggressive brain cancer. With publication of Llama Llama Loves to Read in 2018 and many books (up to 30!) she developed to various points, her legacy will live on for many little readers to come. In fact, instead of a funeral, she asked that we read to a child.

Reading with Your Child


And remember, reading is not just delivering a stream of words. Let your little ones ask questions. You might be surprised by what they notice in an illustration or a word they didn’t quite get the meaning of.

Then ask questions and listen to their answers. Depending on their development, you can ask them to point out colors or letters they see. You can ask specific questions such as “Why do you think this happened?” or “How would you feel if this happened to you?” Books and the discussions they spark can allow you to explore fears, bullying, or wishes, and convey powerful messages in a more organic way.

llama llama


“We are doing something that I believe is just as powerful, and it is something that we are losing as a culture: by reading with a child, we are teaching that child to be human.

When we open a book, and share our voice and imagination with a child, that child learns to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

I will go further and say that that child then learns to feel the world more deeply, becoming more aware of himself and others in a way that he simply cannot experience except in our laps, or in our classrooms, or in our reading circles.”

– Anna Dewdney in the Wall Street Journal, 2013