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Inspiring Children’s Book Showcases People of Peace

By Rebecca - November 17, 2018
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A few weeks ago, we stumbled upon this recently published and translated book. We’re so excited to share the gem that we’ve found!

People of Peace is written by Sandrine Mirza, an author from France. With a master’s degree in history and an inclination towards penning books with a global focus, Mirza sets out to highlight universal values and the pursuit of a peaceful planet in this publication.

Curated Collection


The 40 biographic profiles are a curated list of activists for peace covering a collection of men and women throughout all walks of life, from the early 20th century up until right this minute (Go, Malala!!).

Seeds of Change

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“When we plant trees,

we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.”

Wangari Maathai’s quote is featured in People of Peace alongside other memorable words of wisdom, like this:

“One child, one teacher,

one book, one pen

can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai is the young Pakistani activist who famously and fearlessly said those words. She is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, having won at the age of 17 in 2014 for championing the educational rights of women and children.

You can learn more specifically about Malala’s journey and advocacy on her website.


Simple, Colorful, and Engaging Visuals

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Illustrations are from Le Duo, Parisian pair and creative geniuses Alberic and Leopoldine. On this particular page, we get to see Albert Einstein’s iconic cheeky photograph interpreted in a bright and unique way. Throughout the entire book, visuals are so simple and engaging, interspersed with short bits of text here and there that are easy to work through. The infographics make this an ideal choice for strong and struggling readers alike, both young and old(er).

We snagged this copy at our local library but People of Peace would definitely be a beautiful hardcover addition to a family book collection or the perfect gift for kids and adults. We would have also loved using this book for group discussions during our teaching career (a million years ago)! … Shoutout to local public librarian who curate quality material for all of us to enjoy!! Thank you!

Inspiring Icons

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People of Peace clearly outlines its round-up on this stunning content page. Women and men are represented from many countries and cultures, although we’d always love to see more women and members of the LGBT community! As a curated list of only 40, we’re conscious there are hundreds more other inspiring icons who could have been selected – and that’s a GREAT thing! Just think: what an amazing ‘problem’ to have if we were to have too many stories of peaceful advocates to choose from and we could fill books and books and books with them!

Acknowledging Progress

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The timeline found at the end of People of Peace serves as a visual reminder: at a glance, we can check out some of the global progress that’s already been made to promote a united world. At times, advocates have been radical and justifiably loud in their revolution. At other times, these and many other thinkers and doers have approached change in a more subtle yet just as enduring way.

Topics of social justice and equity can be explored with our kids in tangible ways. We are excited now about the constructive dialogue we can continue to have with our own children about the cultivation of kindness, the pursuit of peace, and the way we can all continue to be intentional thinkers and doers.

Incredible Facts and Digging Deeper

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On the back cover, we’re left with a powerful prompt to engage in dynamic conversation with our kids:

Who will you choose as your hero?

Here at mamabare, we’re so excited to extend these readings and explore this question in really creative ways! Our approach would differ depending on which age group we’re chatting with (our own kids range in age from 3-8) but the message of peace and activism would be just the same. Our thoughts right now?

  • researching together a few figures our kids are already familiar with
  • creating some infographics (either drawing them or digitally)
  • collecting inspiring quotes about peace & freedom
  • prompting our kids to look around at the people they personally know & think about who already advocates for peaceful interactions – exploring how!

Any thoughts on how you’d engage with your kids? We’d love to hear from you! You can follow along with us on Instagram as we try some fun activities inspired by People of Peace.

Lively Minds and Independent Spirits

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Here are some resources we’ve found about icons featured in People of Peace. Hope these help as you dig deeper!