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Finding the Best Deals on Mattresses of All Sizes

By Rebecca - January 11, 2019

How often do you sleep? Recent studies show that most people sleep every day, excluding college freshmen and new parents… ha!

Seeing as we’re all parents here on mamabare, and we’re all sleep-deprived to varying (utterly deplorable) degrees, let’s study the facts with a cup of strong coffee in hand: we spend about a third of our lives asleep. In comparison per day, the average American spends 101 minutes driving, which is about a tenth of our lives. And yet, we’ll eagerly pay for a trendy SUV but keep our mattress longer than most marriages last.


Making the Most of Your Sleepless Nights

Credits: pexels

In recent years, due in part to the growth of online retailers such as Casper and Leesa, more people are paying attention to the benefits of good sleep. (…parents are focused on optimizing what little we may actually get…) The International Sleep Products Association claims a renewed interest and actual investment in sleep. The ISPA indicate that mattress and bed foundation sales rose by 4.5% in 2015 while revenues were up by 6.8%.

So how do we choose a mattress in such a booming marketplace? Do we simply Google “cheap full size mattress,” “Queen size mattress set near me,” “Mattress deals” or “Mattresses for sale”? Does the search engine respond to “a mattress without bed bugs”? 

Let’s save you the trouble and offer some help navigating your way to better zzz.

Test Drives and Checklists

Credits: pexels

Much like mulling over SUV options, you’re going to want to test drive mattresses. When visiting your mattress retailer, consider the following:

(1) First, do you understand mattresses?

(2) Preferences: Want a mattress with coils? gel? foam? adjustable air?

(3) Size: Need a queen size mattress set? king? twin?

(4) Support: Need extra lumbar support?

Be prepared to ask your salesperson tons of questions, and be sure to educate yourself first. Talk to your partner. Make sure everyone gets to share their preferences.

Once you’re in purchasing mode and visiting stores, remember the following:

  • Lie Down: If you don’t have the option of lying down on a mattress to test it out, or even offered a pillow, leave the store immediately. Exit stage left. But, on the other hand, if you’re allowed to test them out, definitely wear loose clothing and slip-on shoes. Get comfy and try to reenact your preferred way of sleeping: go ahead and turn, roll over, and let your partner snore.


  • Check Return Policies: You’ll want to purchase from a store offering full refunds. Spending one night on an uncomfortable mattress should not automatically lock you into a lifetime of awful sleep. (…leave that part to your kids…)


  • Haggle: Just like your purse from Canal Street, the prices are always negotiable.


  • Box Spring: Do you need one? Maybe not. Box springs are more durable than mattresses.


  • Read the Warranty: You want at least 10, if not 25 years. (…like a good marriage, aim for longevity…)


  • Delivery: Fully inspect your mattress before the delivery person leaves. 

Of course, not being your parents’ mattress market means you’re now the parents in a boom of online retailers. The offers can seem too-good-to-be-true and the industry is often complicated, but online choices mean more variety and focus on the customer’s needs.

Casper and Leesa and their competitors offer great discounts and “100-night guarantees”. Online retailers are a definite option, and as with brick-and-mortar stores, be sure to educate yourself. You can sometimes snag the best deals with a little online elbow grease, even on sites like Amazon and Overstock.

Remember: Your bed is where you’ll spend most of your life (…if those sleep-training techniques ever take…). Treat your mattress purchase with consideration and intention. Sweet dreams!