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Fun & Easy DIY Wolf Costume for Kids

By Rebecca - October 21, 2018

Our kids are definitely into animals – all sorts! Dinosaurs, sea turtles, triops, dogs, and unicorns – you name it. Play these days usually revolves around dragons flying or cats doing tricks! So I wasn’t really surprised when my oldest son asked me last year if he could be a wolf for Halloween. I jumped on the occasion to create with him a unique costume that was fierce enough for a 7-year-old but not gory at all.

Our goals:

(1) work together to create it;

(2) keep the costume budget-friendly;

(3) make sure he was comfortable & warm (so important for Canada’s Octobers!);

(3) and have tons of fun!

Here we share how we went about making his DIY Wolf Costume. If you’re looking for a fun costume that’s affordable and mostly reusable, this one’s perfect!

Hair gel (for spikes & added drama) You could use this affordable hypoallergenic one (always paraben-free) or this toxin-free choice (aloe and witch hazel-based that’s also never tested on animals) (5)

A Few Tips:

Instead of using baby powder in my son’s hair (with concerns about talc and asthma), I just dusted it with white flour instead. It looked super cool and stayed in place thanks to the hair gel. Winning, mamas, because we always have flour on hand!

My son wore his own super comfy black jogging pants and a black hoodie. I folded the longer textured piece of material in half and cut a half-moon in the crease to make room for his head. I then took another piece of textured fabric and wrapped it around his waist, like a belt. I can’t even lie about how easy this next step was: on each leg, above the animal slippers, I just wrapped a piece of textured fabric and stapled each end to the other so the material kind of bunched up (think 80s leg warmers!). Kept him warm and looked extra bulky with fur.

If you try this costume out, tag us on social media (@mamabare_co). We would LOVE to see your variations! Have fun together and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Ahwoooo!