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    Our Etsy3: Mama Bears and Sassy Wares

    We are continuously inspired by creative folks from around the world! There’s so much to gain from others’ imagination, artistry, and hard work. Whether you’re looking to re-decorate your home in the new year, purchase a few gifts for friends, or simply energize yourself with original ideas, there’s nothing like browsing through Etsy for homemade […] More

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    Top 5 Baby Swings on the Market Right Now

    Would it have been too much if I’d entitled this piece “Swingin’ into the New Year”? #momjoke Over the holidays, we spent time with two of our favorite families and their new babies. While we certainly don’t miss the night feedings, sore boobs, and occasional diaper blowouts, we definitely miss that newborn scent and precious […] More

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    Labor of Love: A Patchwork Family

    In mamabare’s Labor of Love series, women share their stories of pregnancy, loss, labor and motherhood – in a variety of forms. We are repeatedly reminded that parenting is truly a labor – no matter how we come about it. Birthed out of love, whether biologically, through loss or pain, by fostering or adoption, our […] More

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    Mamabare’s Creative Kids: Titus Vanderwier

    We’d like to showcase some pretty phenomenal young talent right here! First up, 13-year-old Titus from Montreal has such a cheeky sense of humor. He comes by his creativity and artistic abilities quite honestly – Titus’ mama penned children’s book Escape from Techville, using toys, photography, and a whimsical sense of magic to explore discussions with […] More

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    Like a Boss: Grins and Grace

    For mamabare’s new series, Like A Boss, we showcase companies (and the people who lead them) that aim to encourage, unite, and spread a little love. We invited Melissa Lyons, founder and creative one-(wo)man show behind small biz Grins and Grace, to share her experience juggling motherhood and running a successful company. More

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    3 of the Safest and Most Affordable Kick Scooters for Kids

    Almost 8 years ago, our oldest son was up on a skateboard well before he could even walk. Visits to the local skateparks have been a regular occurrence since then. It’s such an integral part of our weekends and summer routine now! We love it! The kids are physically active, our local skatepark community is […] More

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    Fun & Easy DIY Wolf Costume for Kids

    Our kids are definitely into animals – all sorts! Dinosaurs, sea turtles, triops, dogs, and unicorns – you name it. Play these days usually revolves around dragons flying or cats doing tricks! So I wasn’t really surprised when my oldest son asked me last year if he could be a wolf for Halloween. I jumped […] More

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    Round-Up: Cutest DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

    HAPPY OCTOBER, mamas! Almost halfway over already and we’re only just now getting around to decorating for Halloween – eek! One of our favorite holidays is creeping up in just a few short weeks and, if your homes are anything like ours right now, your kids are brainstorming costumes like crazy and changing ideas every. […] More

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    14 Crazy Good Songs for Your Labor Playlist

    Labor is hard work… literally. No matter which way childbirth turns out – epidural, unmedicated, in a birthing centre, or at home – it’s always helpful to bring a little calm and fun to this universal experience. When preparing for D-Day, moms often meticulously plan what they’ll add in their hospital bag and baby’s diaper […] More

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    What’s Going on in Your Baby’s Brain?

    With a strapping baby boy who is 14 months old today, the newborn phase is still fresh in my mind. We are (bruised) knee-deep in toddler-ing though. There are less and less “baby” traits and this serves a daily reminder that time friggin’ flies! The newborn scent has all but disappeared completely. Xee just started […] More

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