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4 Stylish Options for Family Room Rugs

By Rachel - January 17, 2019

You’ve picked out the comfy new sofa, the precise shade of paint, and already have your eye on a few tasteful accessories. To tie it all together and make the family room really pop, the last step is finding the perfect area rug. Or maybe you’ve decided to start with an amazing new rug and prefer to build your family room look from there. Are you looking to splurge on a piece that will be in the family for generations or do you prefer to try something trendy every few seasons? Want easy area rug cleaning where stains are simply dabbed away or a proper, pristine, glam format that requires a rug cleaning service? Here is your checklist of things to consider, from size and color to feel and function:

Dimensions and Shapes


A new area rug is a classic, easy décor piece that can quickly and effortlessly brighten up any space. Measure your room and decide on a shape that best suits the area. Do you want to define the perimeter or inside area of the furniture? Use painter’s tape to lay it out if you want to see what makes sense in your space. Depending on the size of the space you want to cover, opt for a square, rectangular, or even circular rug to add warmth and coziness in your family room.

Dare to be different and choose something funky, like a peach, llama or abstract art print to make the kids giggle or to spark conversation. Adding an area rug is an easy way to update a space, add comfort, and create definition in a room.

Layering Area Rugs


Can’t decide on just one piece? A new trend is layering rugs. This allows you to mix textures and patterns while adding depth to your décor. Use a smaller rug on top of a large one to define sections of the room – the cozy reading nook, the bar area, or the perfect spot to catch the sunset. Use a neutral look under something with flair – like a zebra print or a bright magenta and orange rug – to be playful and fun. Opt for similar tones in a muted color scheme to make the space extra cozy and intimate.

The great thing with layering is that you can tweak one piece and entirely change the look on a whim to feel more rustic, chic, bohemian, or even nautical.

Texture, Style, and Function


Also important to consider is the texture of your rug:

  • natural fibers (such as jute),
  • plush shag, low-pile wool,
  • medium-pile synthetics,
  • inexpensive cotton, or
  • high-end Persian.

Before choosing, slow your roll.

  • Consider the style you’re going for in the room (neutral, relaxed, formal, cozy, playful, contemporary?)
  • Consider the use (Is it a high traffic area? Will people eat in here? Will kid be using playdough? Do you have pets?)

Silk might be the softest but shows footprints. Synthetics might be the easiest to clean and therefore the most family-friendly, but not always the most comfortable. Make sure the fabric you choose matches not only the style and feel you want but the function as well.

Rug Cleaning and Maintenance


Last but not least, especially with kids, consider area rug cleaning and maintenance. Different textiles call for different techniques:

  • regular vacuuming,
  • blotting with a dry cloth,
  • renting a machine, or
  • professional rug cleaning service.

Polypropylene rugs are easy to clean and water-resistant, but won’t be ideal if you need to consider allergen issues or prefer a firmer texture.

Likewise, when researching your area rugs and considering cleaning/maintenance, check whether you’ll need to:

  • move the rug out of direct sunlight,
  • check it for humidity issues,
  • rotate it regularly to even out wear and tear, or
  • purchase a rug pad to maximize protection and cushioning.