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3 of the Safest and Most Affordable Kick Scooters for Kids

By Rebecca - November 19, 2018

Almost 8 years ago, our oldest son was up on a skateboard well before he could even walk. Visits to the local skateparks have been a regular occurrence since then. It’s such an integral part of our weekends and summer routine now! We love it! The kids are physically active, our local skatepark community is incredibly welcoming, and we’ve found a family activity that just naturally fits for us!

Our son caught the kick scooter bug a few years ago while watching the older kids at a skatepark. We spent time researching the best ones, and even went through two disappointing purchases. Kids scooter hard, really hard. If kick scooters aren’t properly built and reinforced, or break systems aren’t top-notch, alignment gets off and safety quickly becomes a concern. With both our sons now doing non-stop tricks on their kick scooters, we only want the safest (and they only want the coolest!). Based on our research for our own family, here are our choices for best kids’ kick scooters:

Fuzion Gold


Fuzion offers top-selling choices for kids and adults alike. Their kick scooters are lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble. That’s a huge bonus for us, the family who does NOT enjoy Ikea assemblies or lost scooter screws! We’ve been enjoying the Fuzion PRO X-3 kick scooter in gold for the last few years without complaint!

Fuzion kick scooters respond to the needs of a variety of proficiency levels, from your beginner (and maybe younger) athletes to the more advanced. Coolest thing for us and our highly sensory-sensitive son: Fuzion kick scooters are noise-free, meaning there’s no clicking sound or any other racket that could be distracting to skatepark tricksters.

There’s a pro team of young Fuzion athletes from around the world profiled on the company website, describing each member’s hometown, local skatepark, and favorite tricks. Some of the featured videos are simply amazing!

Razor Red


Razor A kick scooters cost anywhere from $40 to$200, depending on the features you may be searching for. This brand is an icon in American culture, as it released one of the original kick scooters back in 2000. With easily adjustable handle height and foam grips, the Razor A kick scooters weigh in at only 6 pounds. This lightweight option is perfect for the endless roundtrip excursions to the skatepark and school.

Razor A has patented their handlebar folding mechanism and rear fending brake, always ensuring the safest and easiest rides. As well, these kick scooters require no assembly (yeh! Mama’s happy!). Bonus: enjoy free shipping on all online Razor orders. These kick scooters are available in red, pink, black/silver, green and blue – options to please even the most discerning of mini-customers!

Vokul Swivel and Tricks


Finally, Vokul stocks kick scooters for every taste and budget. The Vokul Trii S2 kick scooter is available in black, orange and white (the orange one is our family’s favorite). Coming in around the $75 mark, these kick scooters suit active kids 8 years of age and older. They safely hold a capacity of nearly 200 pounds. With a 360 degree swivel, kids who love scooter tricks enjoy these!

Similar to other kick scooters we’ve researched and used, the Vokul Trii S2 deck is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The handlebar has a comfortable rubber grip and wheels are shock-absorbent, important for all kids, especially those with sensory sensitivities.