19 Crazy Yoga Classes You Won’t Believe Exist

Hey mamas! Whether you’re in a workout rut and looking for something fun to try or you just want a good snort-laugh (“snaugh”?… “lort”?), we’re listing the craziest yoga classes you won’t believe exist! Yoga began as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, which included breath control, simple meditation, and bodily postures. And for the longest time yoga classes have been pretty much the same. Yes, there are many types of yoga but it was mostly breathing, balancing, and stretching. Then came hot yoga, which was a game changer for most. It brought a unique aspect to the practice that enticed a new gathering of people. Suddenly in the last 5 years or so something crazy has happened. Yoga has taken on a whole new face where anything and everything is possible – from Goat Yoga to Beer Yoga. Here are some of the wackiest yoga classes we’ve found: