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19 Crazy Yoga Classes You Won’t Believe Exist

By admin - January 29, 2018

Hey mamas! Whether you’re in a workout rut and looking for something fun to try or you just want a good snort-laugh (“snaugh”?… “lort”?), we’re listing the craziest yoga classes you won’t believe exist!

Yoga began as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, which included breath control, simple meditation, and bodily postures. And for the longest time yoga classes have been pretty much the same. Yes, there are many types of yoga but it was mostly breathing, balancing, and stretching. Then came hot yoga, which was a game changer for most. It brought a unique aspect to the practice that enticed a new gathering of people. Suddenly in the last 5 years or so something crazy has happened. Yoga has taken on a whole new face where anything and everything is possible – from Goat Yoga to Beer Yoga. Here are some of the wackiest yoga classes we’ve found:

Antigravity Yoga (a.k.a. Aerial Yoga)


In the last few years, more and more people are engaging in this new kind of fitness. This fun, challenging yoga class involves special wide ribbons attached to the ceiling that act as a soft trapeze and as a support while you master simple positions and progress to advanced poses. Since you monitor your own resistance, each class is as hard or as easy as you make it. This can be fun for those who want to try something unique or for those who may think yoga is too challenging for them. Whatever you do, don’t try this at home!

SUP Yoga


SUP (stand up paddleboarding) is a sport involving a paddleboard and a paddle where you can feel like you’re literally walking on water. It tests your balance and coordination immensely. Combine that with yoga and this becomes a challenging class intriguing to the adventurous. Those who wish to ditch the studio or gym for getting your workout done on the beach or lake- this is for you. You can perform your postures against a blissful ocean backdrop, or even at the nearest public pool. Not for the beginner yogis however, it takes practice to balance on your own feet. Once you’ve mastered regular yoga, try this for the added challenge.

Aqua Yoga


What’s amazing about water yoga is you can do it in a professional class, during public swim at the Y, or if you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard- you have to try this. Imagine how deep into the stretch you can get into Warrior II when not hobbling on one foot. Yoga in the water is much easier on the joints (thanks to the buoyancy effect) but a little more challenging when it comes to balance, due to the movement of the water. The only downside is there are only a handful of poses you can do, and downward dog is not likely one of them…

Tantrum Yoga


Yes, that does say tantrum yoga – not tantric yoga. It’s exactly what you think it is: similar to some of your child’s favorite moves, this is yoga while kicking, screaming, and stomping your feet. This practice is not just calming for the mind and nourishing for the body through poses and breathing, it also aids in self-relaxation, helps you sleep better, and improves digestion. It turns out most of us were practicing yoga before we could even talk!



Hot yoga is sooooo last year. Now it’s all about cold yoga. It’s exactly what you think it is – yoga in freezing cold temperatures! Some classes involve snowshoeing to a destination as a warm-up, about a half-hour of yoga poses, then snowshoeing back home. Fans say the experience is more playful, given that falling is undoubtedly part of the workout. It’s also gained quite a bit of popularity on Instagram where yogis in carefully chosen camera-ready outfits do yoga poses against an incredible backdrop and post with the snowga hashtag.

Naked Yoga


What better way to get in touch with your self than doing yoga in the nude. You’ll certainly need to leave your ego at the door with this practice. You’re only left with your natural, unembellished human form. The lack of clothing supposedly makes people more aware of how their body is moving, and can immensely help with self-esteem. Private classes are available, as well as women-only classes and co-ed (usually for couples). If you’re feeling shy, try it in the comfort of your own home first! Go ahead – let it all hang out!

Karaoke Yoga


Yoga is typically a quiet, meditative practice. You inhale. You exhale. You lean into the silence and the still… That is, until you join a karaoke yoga class! Although yoga is relaxing, karaoke yoga gives people an excuse to get together and exercise while belting out their favorite Madonna song! This wacky new trend is hitting cities like New York, L.A. and San Francisco. You need to have a sense of humor for this one – most of the time people are just having fun, laughing, and occasionally break into dance parties. Sign us up!

Rave Yoga


Glowsticks – check. Body paint – check. Black lights – check. Yoga mat – Wait, what? Apparently the combination of music, meditation and yoga is very powerful. These yoga raves consist of some basic yoga, silence and stillness, and a whole lot of dancing. It brings participants peace and balance via back-bends and throbbing base lines. Basically it’s a big party with some yoga thrown in. It’s become increasingly popular with student events in order to promote something fun and healthy without the use of drugs or alcohol.



In a nutshell? It’s essentially yoga for your feet. Engage your feet, more specifically your toes, with Toe-ga! In order to strengthen your feet and reduce injury, many skillful runners practice some version of Toe-ga. It’s a great way to stretch and relieve those little toes that get scrunched up in shoes all day. Give a little Namaste to your most under-appreciated and overworked extremities. Here are the upsides to this wacky new practice: it’s super easy and anyone can do it, great for kids, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

Harmonica Yoga

Credits: Tom Godfrey,

Blow your blues away with Harmonica Yoga! Harmonicas are used to teach stress reduction, interpersonal communication, creativity, and much more! What better way to focus on breathing than with the inhalations and exhalations of a catchy blues-rock harmonica tune? No musical experience necessary. Apparently you’ll learn to play in dyads or small groups, and learn to combine harmonica-based breath with mindfulness practice.

Ganja Yoga

Credits: Stoner Days,

Imagine yourself relaxing into your favorite position, breathing deeply, inhaling the fresh air – oh wait. These pot-friendly yoga studios might not have fresh air, but they sure have relaxed yogis. Many think cannabis can help one become more mindful and free. The light haze of marijuana smoke surrounding each individual relieves stress and helps get people into the right frame of mind to truly stay centered throughout their practice.

Stripper-Pole Yoga

Credits: Yoga Pole Studio,

Although some may think Yoga and Pole Dancing are ‘pole-ar’ opposites (see what we did there?), some brave folks have decided to mesh the two in order to stand out above the rest. It’s not your usual yoga with downward dog and child’s pose – downward dog is done on a pole. It is a feminine movement practice that can be therapeutic as well as extremely aerobic. Getting out of the stereotype that anything with the word ‘pole’ in it refers to stripping, this is merely a prop used in the studio where yoga is performed.

Laughter Yoga


You would think yoga is more about calm, quiet, seriousness – well, turns out some people enjoy a good chuckle during tree pose! Laughter Yoga is a practice involving prolonged voluntary laughter. There are exercises to warm up the lungs, then breathing and laughter coincide with the usual yoga positions. This is growing like crazy! There are over 400 Laughter Clubs across the United States alone!

Stroga (Stroller Yoga)


Yes, mamas – you can do yoga on the go with your little tot in their stroller! Classes are offered which include a short walk followed by 20-30 minutes of instructor-led stroller yoga! The stroller is used as a prop to assist in various balancing postures and standing asanas. Just don’t forget to put the stroller in lock position first…

Beer Yoga

Credits: Bieryoga Facebook,

Beer yoga is totally a thing now. Inspired originally in Berlin, it’s gone international. Come to think of it, beer and yoga have a lot in common. Both are centuries-old “therapies” for mind, body and soul. Pour yourself a cold one and join a Beer Yoga class now! (Might be best not to combine Stroga and your Beer Yoga practices…)

Cat Yoga


People are lining up out the door for one of the latest yoga trends – Cat Yoga. Now you can take your poses with a side of purring and kitty cuddles. From how happy people look while participating, the class seems to be a hit. Although it’s not yet proven that Cat Yoga has any health benefits, we’d like to think it does. Go ahead, grab your cat, your mat, and strike a pose – being a crazy cat lady has never been so mainstream!

Dog Yoga


For some, going to a yoga class is a way to get their furry friends off the yoga mat, for others – embrace the fur and let them enjoy it too! Yoga with your dog evidently can help achieve a greater harmony between you and your four-legged friend. An interesting twist on this is the ability to train your dog to mimic the poses you do and eventually you may be able to do the routine simultaneously. Or maybe you just want some extra cuddles; and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Broga (Men only)


A yoga class just for the guys – for when men don’t feel like being surrounded by a room full of ladies as they would be in typical yoga classes. Instead, they can join their fellow passionate yoga bros for some downward dog in Broga. Ditching the dumbbells for yoga mats in this twist on the classic, Broga combines cardio with muscle toning and core strengthening for an amazing workout catered to men. Guys report positive effects from yoga – such as increased flexibility, decreased back and knee pain, improved digestion, and much more. Studios all over the world are offering these types of classes as demand increases.

Goat Yoga


Our absolute favorite. Better than cats and dogs, goats seem to really embrace their inner yogi. This warrants a quick Youtube search, you’ll thank us later. IF you ever wanted to feel little goats crawling and jumping on your back while doing some stretches and yoga asanas – this is the thing for you! Or if you have a goat, try letting him/her join you next time you do child’s pose.