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    • Labor of Love: Life-Changing in More Ways Than One

      In mamabare’s Labor of Love series, women share their stories of pregnancy, loss, labor and motherhood – in a variety of forms. We are repeatedly reminded that parenting is truly a labor – no matter how we come about it. Birthed out of love, whether biologically, through loss or pain, by fostering or adoption, our […] More

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      Fun & Easy DIY Wolf Costume for Kids

      Our kids are definitely into animals – all sorts! Dinosaurs, sea turtles, triops, dogs, and unicorns – you name it. Play these days usually revolves around dragons flying or cats doing tricks! So I wasn’t really surprised when my oldest son asked me last year if he could be a wolf for Halloween. I jumped […] More

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      Labor of Love: We Plan, God Laughs

      We here at mamabare.co LOVE our Labor of Love series in this community – where women can share their own stories of pregnancy, loss, labor and motherhood – in all its various forms. We are reminded that our stories are each so unique in their own ways, yet entirely universal. Jennifer just recently gave birth to her second child. Congratulations! A […] More

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      14 Tips for Smoother Flights with Your Toddler

      Toddlerhood’s a real trip! The tantrums, the cuddles, the utter whiplash of big milestones and even bigger emotions. We get it. There’s a reason why each toddler year has an “endearing” nickname: Terribly Twos, Three-nagers and, of course, F*&kin Fours! We try to plan fun activities and occasional cool trips with our families and we’re […] More

    • Go the F to Sleep!: 16 of the Best Bedtime Books for Kids

      Nap times and bedtimes can be sweet, sweet moments when we get our cuddles in and bond with our precious little ones. Most of us have a routine related to sleep which can include anything from closing the blinds, waving goodbye to baby’s toys, bath time, massages, or reading favorite books. There is definitely no set way […] More

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      What’s Going on in Your Baby’s Brain?

      With a strapping baby boy who is 14 months old today, the newborn phase is still fresh in my mind. We are (bruised) knee-deep in toddler-ing though. There are less and less “baby” traits and this serves a daily reminder that time friggin’ flies! The newborn scent has all but disappeared completely. Xee just started […] More

    • Our Etsy3

      There sure are some creative folks out there in the world! We’re so inspired by what others have conjured up and crafted with their own hands! There’s just nothing like browsing through Etsy for homemade or vintage finds – the hunt for perfectly unique gifts offered to fellow mamas, besties… and, of course, ourselves! Here […] More

    • Testing Out Meal Kits to Simplify Daily Life

      We’ve recently been brainstorming ways to simplify our daily lives in an effort to reduce stress and mental load. One of the main experiments was trying a meal kit. A meal kit is a subscription service that delivers fresh food to your door with all the ingredients and instructions so you can prepare a meal. […] More

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      Kids’ Magazine Highlights Strong Female Role Models

      A new kids’ magazine is making waves on social media these days, and with good reason! Bravery Magazine describes itself as “a guide for dreaming and doing” and its arrival couldn’t come at a more opportune time! The publication aims to provide stories of strong female role models for both young girls and boys. The magazine […] More

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      Best Ways to Connect with Your Little Ones Using Words

      Let’s take a minute, today and every day, to focus a little more love on our littles. An easy-peasy no-cost way to connect? Sign me up! Crazy strong evidence that proves these tiny things can make a BIG difference? Yes, please! What’s the ultra-secret, amazing trick? Words.     More

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