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    • 14 Crazy Good Songs for Your Labor Playlist

      Labor is hard work… literally. No matter which way childbirth turns out – epidural, unmedicated, in a birthing centre, or at home – it’s always helpful to bring a little calm and fun to this universal experience. When preparing for D-Day, moms often meticulously plan what they’ll add in their hospital bag and baby’s diaper […] More

    • Go the F to Sleep! : 16 of the Best Bedtime Books for Kids

      Nap times and bedtimes can be sweet, sweet moments when we get our cuddles in and bond with our precious little ones. Most of us have a routine related to sleep which can include anything from closing the blinds, waving goodbye to baby’s toys, bath time, massages, or reading favorite books. There is definitely no set way […] More

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      What’s Going on in Your Baby’s Brain?

      With a strapping baby boy who is 14 months old today, the newborn phase is still fresh in my mind. We are (bruised) knee-deep in toddler-ing though. There are less and less “baby” traits and this serves a daily reminder that time friggin’ flies! The newborn scent has all but disappeared completely. Xee just started […] More

    • Our Etsy3

      There sure are some creative folks out there in the world! We’re so inspired by what others have conjured up and crafted with their own hands! There’s just nothing like browsing through Etsy for homemade or vintage finds – the hunt for perfectly unique gifts offered to fellow mamas, besties… and, of course, ourselves! Here […] More

    • Testing Out Meal Kits to Simplify Daily Life

      We’ve recently been brainstorming ways to simplify our daily lives in an effort to reduce stress and mental load. One of the main experiments was trying a meal kit. A meal kit is a subscription service that delivers fresh food to your door with all the ingredients and instructions so you can prepare a meal. […] More

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      Lucas Warren: The First Ever Gerber Baby With Down Syndrome

      The Gerber Baby contest has been around since 2010, with hundreds of thousands of applicants each year. The winner receives $50,000 and their baby becomes the official 2018 Gerber Spokesbaby. This year over 140,000 photos were submitted but Lucas’ heartwarming smile caught the judges’ eye and he became the first ever baby with Down Syndrome […] More

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      Finding Empowerment While Advocating for Safer Beauty Products

      We have a chance to come across so many strong, resourceful women in this community who approach motherhood in beautifully diverse ways. We would like to tell some of their stories. First up is a mama who has recently relocated her small family, began a small business, and is motivated to make a huge social […] More

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      19 Crazy Yoga Classes You Won’t Believe Exist

      Hey mamas! Whether you’re in a workout rut and looking for something fun to try or you just want a good snort-laugh (“snaugh”?… “lort”?), we’re listing the craziest yoga classes you won’t believe exist! Yoga began as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, which included breath control, simple meditation, and bodily postures. And for the […] More

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      Ohhh the Llama Drama! Children’s book favorite on Netflix

      Mamas, get excited! Llama Llama is coming to Netflix this week – on January 26th! Presented in 15 half-hour episodes that will cover Llama Llama’s adventures and everyday routine with his friends and, of course, his Mama, Netflix has gathered a powerhouse line-up of directors, creators and producers to deliver this children’s book favorite-turned-series: More

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      8 Random Facts About Children’s Book Author Robert Munsch

      So many authors lead the most amazing lives! Dan Brown, the author of bestseller The Da Vinci Code, was first a songwriter, pop singer, Spanish teacher and part of his school’s glee club. William Shakespeare married a woman named Anne Hathaway. At the time of their wedding, she was 26 and he was only 18 years […] More

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