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    • Testing Out Meal Kits to Simplify Daily Life

      We’ve recently been brainstorming ways to simplify our daily lives in an effort to reduce stress and mental load. One of the main experiments was trying a meal kit. A meal kit is a subscription service that delivers fresh food to your door with all the ingredients and instructions so you can prepare a meal. […] More

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      Best Ways to Connect With Your Little Ones Using Words

      Let’s take a minute, today and every day, to focus a little more love on our littles. An easy-peasy no-cost way to connect? Sign me up! Crazy strong evidence that proves these tiny things can make a BIG difference? Yes, please! What’s the ultra-secret, amazing trick? Words.     More

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      Lucas Warren: The First Ever Gerber Baby With Down Syndrome

      The Gerber Baby contest has been around since 2010, with hundreds of thousands of applicants each year. The winner receives $50,000 and their baby becomes the official 2018 Gerber Spokesbaby. This year over 140,000 photos were submitted but Lucas’ heartwarming smile caught the judges’ eye and he became the first ever baby with Down Syndrome […] More

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      Finding Empowerment While Advocating for Safer Beauty Products

      We have a chance to come across so many strong, resourceful women in this community who approach motherhood in beautifully diverse ways. We would like to tell some of their stories. First up is a mama who has recently relocated her small family, began a small business, and is motivated to make a huge social […] More

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      8 Random Facts About Children’s Book Author Robert Munsch

      So many authors lead the most amazing lives! Dan Brown, the author of bestseller The Da Vinci Code, was first a songwriter, pop singer, Spanish teacher and part of his school’s glee club. William Shakespeare married a woman named Anne Hathaway. At the time of their wedding, she was 26 and he was only 18 years […] More

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      11 Great Toys for When You’re on the Go

      When out and about with kids, you want toys that fit easily in pockets or bags. If your kids don’t annoy everyone in a 20 foot radius and toys provide entertainment for more than a few seconds, you’re on a roll! So, here are 11 great toys for when you’re on the go. They’re easy […] More

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      Criteria for Choosing High Quality Daycare

      This mamabare has had the incredible good fortune of staying home with our littlest one for the past 17 months. We have been anticipating, however reluctantly, that moment when timetables will shift and responsibilities will be renegotiated. Yep, mamabare will soon return to a structured work schedule. Plans for this shift in family dynamic have not been taken lightly. We discuss at […] More

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      12 Tricks for Traveling on the Cheap with Kids

      Traveling with kids is so much fun – but it can be expensive! Gone are the days of your income being dedicated exclusively to you and your hobbies. Pre-kids, leaving on a trip meant throwing a few bags together, either hopping in the car or catching a flight, and having the (responsibility-free) time of your life! […] More

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      Labor of Love: Embracing Pregnancy & Motherhood with Style

      mamabare.co has started a new segment in this community where women can share their own stories of pregnancy, loss, labor and motherhood. In Labor of Love, we are reminded that our stories are each so unique in their own ways, yet entirely universal. This week we share Chris Peterkin’s experience. With a successful medical practice in a small Ontario rural town, Chris […] More

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      10 Best Tips for Moving with Your Anxious Child

      Moving season has crept up on us all and it can be a stressful time of year. Along with planning the end of the school year and managing the day-to-day demands of parenting, a move can quickly feel overwhelming! Kids feel just as overwhelmed with moves and anxious children feel even more uneasy. Here are […] More

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