This Week's Quickies : Simplifying, Outsourcing, and Division of Chores -


This Week’s Quickies : Simplifying, Outsourcing, and Division of Chores

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Lazy Hazy Crazy Days

This summer may officially be over as school gears up, but we refuse to let go completely for a few more weeks. How about choosing lazy days, slow parenting, hammocks and park runs? We all have busy-ness and stressful things in our lives, but where there’s a choice, what if we cut things, activities, all the running out? It may not feel like there’s an option in some areas but if we stop and reflect on the stress it all adds to our lives, or the message it sends to our children, we might find a few places to ease the pressure and enjoy the days.

As Jacoba Urist writes in her article : “Most of us live in constant stress, which doesn’t allow for self-nurturing. Rushing makes us less patient, less empathic. It sends our children the message that they aren’t as important as whatever we’re rushing to do. It strangles the joy out of life. Luckily, while stress-inviting events are inevitable, stress is not. We can begin by gradually paring our lives down to what matters most to us. This may feel like a sacrifice, but only until you realize that what you’re choosing is your own well-being, and that of your child.”