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Captivating Books For Children : Sleep

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Nap times and bedtimes can be sweet, sweet moments when we get our cuddles in and bond with our precious little ones. There is usually a routine related to sleep – which can include anything from closing the blinds, waving goodbye to baby’s toys, bath time, massages, reading favorite books and more. There is no set way that makes for a perfect sleep situation, but throwing in some books that talk about sleep will set the stage for slumber.

Some kids struggle to settle their minds and bodies enough to sleep, while others ask to be put down for a nap. Bedtime can be effortless for some families, but the most common situation is for families to struggle with challenging bedtime at least occasionally during the early childhood years. By the time your child is 2 years old, he will most probably have spent more minutes asleep than awake. Sleep-deprived parent, take comfort! Although it might not seem so when you’re rocking, soothing and patting your baby to sleep night after night after effin’ night, your child will spend roughly 40% of his childhood sleeping.

As kids get older, they often fall into avoidant behavior: asking for more cuddles, more water, more TV, more bathroom visits, etc. A good night’s sleep is vital for your child, though. Besides the obvious of allowing parents to have some much-needed downtime and reconnect as adults, sleep is necessary for your child’s physical and mental development and growth. Without proper sleep, some recent research shows that sleep deprivation in the early years can have long term effects on your child – heightening distractibility and high activity levels.

Addressing sleep through the vehicle of a fictional character can allow for child and parent to bond during these sweet moments – avoiding power struggles or unpleasant moments right before your child powers down for his much-needed night of restorative sleep.

Not all children’s books are created equally, but these are some of the best we’ve found in recent years. Check them out from your local library or add them to your home library if they become your child’s favorite.