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Baby Development Research That Will Blow Your Mind!!

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Brain Mapping

With a strapping baby boy who is 14 months old today, the newborn phase is still fresh in my mind. We are (bruised) knee deep in toddler-ing though. There are less and less “baby” traits and this serves a daily reminder that time frickin’ flies! The newborn scent has all but disappeared completely. Xee just started wearing a size 4T winter coat (yes 4T! flashback to 3 sentences ago: he is 14 months old!). The snuggles are still real, as the trending onesies claim, and the nursing is frequent, as my sometimes sore boobs can attest to, but I am slowly too effin’ quickly losing my newborn. He is being replaced by a sprinting, fumbling, hysterical giant of a child.

As I watch him develop daily, and realize that some mornings he in fact WAKES UP smarter (!) – saying “pasta”, “book” and “dinosaur” for the first time after a good night’s sleep – I am intrigued by all the wizardry taking place behind the curtain. What’s going on behind those bright blue eyes?

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