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Crazy Good Songs For Your Labor Playlist

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Labor is hard work… literally. No matter which way childbirth turns out – epidural, unmedicated, in a birthing centre, or at home – it’s always helpful to bring a little calm and fun to this universal experience. When preparing for D-Day, moms often meticulously plan what they’ll add in their hospital bag and baby’s diaper bag: warm socks? Check. nursing bra? Check. Check. 17 newborn diapers? Check. Check. Check. super cute maternity nightie? Check let’s get real.

Often overlooked are the perfect tunes – a mix of your favorite upbeat or mellow songs that will help you through the ebbs and flow of labor. If you can add a few in that help you giggle in the midst of your 7th hour of painful contractions, or ones that remind you of the comforts of home and transport you to a place of calm, even better!

Music-streaming service Spotify released its own labor playlist earlier this year, working alongside a NYC gynecologist to develop the ideal mix for the big day. Included are entertaining favorites Fruits of My Labor by Lucinda Williams, Don’t Panic by Coldplay, and Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie.

You can use these to inspire your personal choices, or here are a few of the best songs I’ve compiled. Enjoy!